The Fieldhouse is a radio show at BSRlive which showcases unique, quirky electronic music made with foundsounds. Funk from junk!
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The Fieldhouse Radio Show 1.28.12: Florist


This week’s show shows off the sounds of Florist, from Germany. His music is loved in The Fieldhouse, and makes it shake quite much. Other artists heard include Stimming, Deniz Kurtel, Maayan Nidam, Lucianno v. Ignaciao Seitetrece, Frivolous, Alex Medina, Miskate, and Easy Changes.

Right click here to download. 

For track listing, and studio soundboard file, visit this bsr page.

The Fieldhouse Radio Show 1.7.12

The Fieldhouse

This week’s show features Murcof, Cray, Powell, Tleilaxu, DisplayFM, Juan Farcik, Thomas Hildebrand, Someone Else, Andres Marcos, The Suffragettes, and Htrspltn. 

Right click here to download. Oh, from here on out, I think I’ll continue using this new floating audio player, which you can always hide. Have a great 2012!

For track listing, visit this bsr page.